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Made it thought the first week of classes and I’m ready for this week and ready for this semester to be over haha just kidding I’m not that stressful yeeet!
In today’s post I want to share with you all three different outfits from the new xoxo collection for fall and give you ideas of how I would style them and for what type of occasion I would wear them. 

Outfit #1 
This is for sure something I would wear for college. My preferences in outfits for college or university are always comfy but chic. I like to wear pieces that make me feel comfortable but also pieces that can work for any other occasion after class. I’ve heard people saying that you are going to school to study and not to find a boyfriend or walk on a fashion runway but I think that, that doesn’t mean that you have to look like you just woke up or workout. You can look nice and casual. Even when is still hot I like to pack a denim jacket on my backpack because you know those classroom are always freezing. 

The entire outfit is from xoxo except the sunnies and the shoes.


You might know me already and know that I don’t wear heels very frequently I only wear them when I have to but these pair you caught my attention. Love the color and the design. Also, they are comfortable I never thought these heels without platform where going to be easy for me to walk, seriously you should see me walking very comfortable and like a profesional with them.
This is something I would wear this for a date, or something more profesional if you add a blazer.

The top and the shoes are from xoxo


Here you can see another outfit with the same pieces I wore before but looks completely different. I would wear this for a grilfriends date, for casual activities like visiting a museum or a brunch. This is another outfit that I would wear more frequently. These platforms doesn’t feel at all that you are wearing wedges, this white T-shirt is a basinthat goes with everything and the black jacket that always complete an outfit. 

Let me know which outfit was your favorite one and for what occasion would you wear it :) hope you like this post and wish you an amazing week 💕

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