Cozy ootd

Those cozy days when you just wanna chill and have some hot chocolate while watching your favorite movies. That is my best favorite plan especially this winter season.

I can’t believe is finally December and I’m not done with all my Christmas presents but I’ve been shopping and doing so many papers for school that chill days this relax day was so necessary.

I wore this cozy cardigan from Rosegal and obsessed with it. For years Ive been looking for a cardigan in this color and finally got one that fits perfectly in my wardrobes and I’m very happy with it. The quality is really good, is thick and has two cute little pockets. 

Rosegal is a very affordable website with so many cute things that you are going to love. Go check out their website (click here) is you are astill looking for Christmas presents because I know you will find great thing :) Your welcome!!!

Here is a code just for you  RGBF1 25% off

Cardigan (Shop here)

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  1. School can get so overwhelming at times! I’m so glad you’re able to take a break, it’s always MUCH needed! Xx