My Disney Experience

Hi guys!
Disney is the best magical experience I have ever had in my entire life and I'm so happy to share my photos with y'all. I had the opportunity to go to one park (Magic Kingdom) and in this post I'm going to tell you how was my experience and everything I think you need to know before going to the parks.

First of all Disney have 4 different park besides the water parks.
✿Magic Kingdom ↵
✿Disney's Hollywood Studios
✿Disney's Animal Kingdom

Shows ✿Magic Kingdom
During the day there are different type of shows that you do not want to miss like shows in the castle with different characters of Disney, The Parade, Happily ever after(fireworks), street party, and more. Check the time and organize your day to watch the ones you wanna see, they all are amazing.

The lines in the restaurants most of the time are full of people and is very frustrating when you are hungry, so what we did was make sandwiches, bring some juice, water, and cookies to be fine during the day and we made a reservation in a restaurant for dinner

Dining Reservation
I definitely recommend you to make a reservation to a list one of the restaurant before going to the park and preferably weeks before. Why? well, if you are planning to go to the park early and then wait until the fireworks show at night, you are going to be very tired, exhausted, dehydrated, and hungry so you might make a reservation to have a least one meal during the day.
Keep in mind that if you cancel the reservation the same day it was due, you will be charge $10 per person, so make sure you are definitely going.

If someone tells you that Florida weather is crazy, believe me it is. But I'm pretty sure that happens in all United States :) So you should never forget to bring a poncho or an umbrella because it will probably rain for a couple hours and with a poncho you can still have fun.
You can also buy ponchos at Disney's, but off course they are cheaper somewhere else.

From my personal experience I would recommend to go after summer vacations because the park are going to be less full and the weather wont be that hot as  it is during Jun, July and August. Believe me is very Hot and sometimes that is not too fun when you want to enjoy the shows under sun.

Fast Pass+
This is the most frustrating and amazing thing I have ever use. Whats the deal with the fast pass+ ? Well, if you download the app you will see in the menu the FASTPASS+ sign and all you have to do is select 3 different available attractions for you and your group or in case you do not download the app, once you get to the park find the machine with the FASTPASS+ sign and do the same thing I said before.

After your finish all your 3 attractions you will be able to add three more that are available.
One tip is download the app, is faster and you do not have to go crazy around the park looking for those machine. We were confuse at the beginning but at the end the Fastpast+ was very helpful, we used it almost for all the attractions ;)

Disney Hotel
Disney has hotels from $55 per night to $351 per night. The good thing about staying at Disney hotels is that you can walk to the parks or use their transportation for FREE. Some of them have characters that interact with guest and other type of event that are part of Disney.

We did not stayed in a Disney Hotel because we felt in love with this place called Castle Hotel and we did not regret it. The decoration is beautiful and the service was really great. The distance from the parks was about 20 minutes which is not bad at all.

In case you did not stayed at Disney hotels and you decide to go in your own car, the parking is gonna be $22 dollars. Once you get to the park the transportation in there is totally free. You can use the ferry, metro rail, and buses to go from one park to another,

Free App
The app is called My Disney Experience. Everything you need to know is in there:
  • Tickets for the parks
  • Dining Reservation
  • FastPass+
  • Map of the parks
  • Attraction's time
  • Restrooms
  • Show's time
  • PhotoPass
  • Characters
  • Shops
  • Guess Services
  • Resort Hotels

Favorite Magic Kingdom Attractions
  • Pirates of The Caribbean
  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
  • Haunted Mansion
  • Peter Pan's Flight
  • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
  • Mad Tea Party
  • Under The Sea
  • The Barnstormer
  • Dumbo The Flying Elephant 
  • Space Mountain

Disney Springs
Disney springs is an entertained and free center with restaurants, shops, movie theater and events. It has beautiful architecture inspired in Florida vibes, natural beauty and Disney. You can take advantage and buy all your gifts and Disney ears before going to the park and save time for the attractions.

Do not forget
-Comfortable shoes/clothes
-Water bottle
-Dinner Reservations

"Thank so much for reading my blog and hope this helps you in anyway possible!"

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