Sweetwater Creek State Park

This weekend my boyfriend and I discovered a wonderful place very close to my house and We have fallen in love with its beauty. We knew it was a park but when we got there we notice the park was more than what we were expecting. It has so many things to do and to discover that you gonna love like us.

This was my favorite part it was so relaxing and breath taking that I cannot wait to go back and spend the day there with my feet under the water. Am I crazy? No! People hung hammocks made picnics and enjoy the water and I want to that too next time :)

This was really or motivation to go that park, we wanted to see the old castle and here is. It’s amazing, so beautiful and with so much history. 

These two photos were part of the museum where you will find all the history and everything have been done there.

The only thing that really scare me is that we found so many snakes around the park that I could not relax 100% I have phobia of them that I cannot see them even in a photo. Hell no! Lol 

This adventure was so enjoyable with bae by my side. We live in different cities now and I waited for him to go together to this wonderful place and we had so much fun. I love you so much gordo!

Thank you reading my blog and hope you enjoyed the photos as much as we enjoyed the hiking in the park. Leave on the comment if you wanna go and if you any phobia.
Big hug and kisses for you all 💗

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  1. Aii, mira que acabo de volver de viaje pero es que me iba de escapada constantemente.
    Unas fotos preciosas y muy bonita tú!!

    Un besito!
    Essence of electricsbubbles