Wooden Ships - Fall ootd

Hi everyone!

Today’s post is very inspiring and I want you to take the time to read it. I’m sharing a brand who is doing great things to make changes to help our world survive for more years. Since we are involved in fashion industry I want you to know why is important to know what brands are taking care of this. So we can support them and learn from them. 

Wooden Ships is a brand founded by a Colombian designer named Paola and her co-owner Mark in New York in 1992. She was passionate with travels, literature, fashion, and environment. After doing campaigns for the environment, recycling and clean water she decided that fashion could be more than passion so she founded the brand.

But what makes their clothing brand different from many others?

•First of all, all pieces are made-to-order so no waste-approach. They don’t waste time or yarn on stock and never have to “dump” away merchandise as many brands do.

•They donate to many causes that are very important to them.

•They have their own factory and support and take care about their workers with polices and new skills.

 They are 85% solar powered. They recycle paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and metal in their factory, the compose all organic materials, and donate all yarn wastage to be reused. 

•They ship by sea to save the planet from more CO2.

Last but not least the packaging, they use eco-friendly oxo-degradable plastic bags so it can decompose rapidly than normal plastic. 

When they contacted me and I read their story I couldn’t be more excited and impressed. I had not idea about the behind of the brand and I’m so inspired because everything they do make sense and is helping. That’s why I decided to collaborate with them because I wanted you to learn about them and get inspired too. At least once per month we are shopping clothes that we have no clue of where they come from or what happens after we throw it away, so since we are consuming a lot we should begin doing our search to make the chance posible and support brand like Wooden Ships. 

Thank you so much for reading my post and hope you learned something from this. I invite you to take a look to their website www.wooden-ships.com to learn more about them and of course check out their merchandise. 

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Everything I wrote is from their website and personal opinion.