Helen, Ga

Have you ever been in a place like the town of a princess that surrounds her castle? Well, this little town called Helen looks absolutely just like that to me.

Helen is a town in the mountains located in northeast Georgia. It is a replica of Bavaria alpine town in the Appalachians instead of the Alps that looks just like the classic south-German style. The architecture is really beautiful and makes you feel that you are in a little town in Germany. 

Helen is surrounded by restaurants, taverns, the Chattahoochee River, souvenir stores, parks, shops, attractions, wineries, and hotels. It is a really nice place to spend the weekend at least a whole day. 

This is the third time I visit this place and I’m always fascinated. There is always a lot of tourist and resident around, music and the most beautiful thing is the horse-drawn carriages. Let me know if you want to know more details about this little town in comments :)

Talking about my outfit, for this day I wore this cute yellow dress. I’m obsessed with the print and the color so much, unfortunately, I don’t have the link of the same dress but I linked a few similar and cute accessories to style it. Thank you for reading my blog, xo! Maria.

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