Coastal Co box

How exciting is when you get a box full of stuff. This time I got Coastal Co. box full of amazing summer essentials and I love everything not just because is wonderful receive a lot of products that cost a lot and you can get them for a lower price but because everything I got is very useful and practical for the season. 

What is in the box?
•Cute pineapple cap
•Graphic T-shirt
•Tinted sunscreen
•2 Metallic straws 
•Waterprof Bag
•Circular beach towel 

What I like the most of this sunscreen is that It has natural color and it does not show much on the skin.  It is also dry, it does not leave your skin oily at all. The only thing I don’t like to be honest is the smells of it, it no gross or horrible but for me smells a little bit weird. Maybe is just me cause I’m picky with essences lol

Another item I’m super excited about are the metallic straws because I love that they are suporting the idea of getting rid of ​​ everything that can lead to pollute our ocean. Plus they are so cute :)

Guess what? They just stared shipping their summer boxes at Sign up for $200+ value of summer related stuff. 


  1. This box is very nice, I will like to have it
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  2. very nice box, would love to receive something as cute :)