Winky lux Atlanta

As I said before one the best thing of being an influencer and work on a platform like Instagram is meeting or connecting with people around the world. I’ve been moving to different cities and it’s been hard for me to meet new friends and this way I feel like I can be connected with so many great people.

The other day I met two ladies by Instagram that are living in my city and we decided to met at WinkyLux in Atlanta and we had so much fun. Most of you might know the brand because of the cute make up and their location in New York but they recently opened this store and Atlanta which is pretty cool. This place has different rooms with the cutest decor to let you take fun and creative pictures. Its like it was made for bloggers. While you wait to take the tour for the room they show you their products and collection lipstick that smells so good and are the cutest.

The tour takes about 20 min and they gives you 2 min in each room to take pictures. Not enough time if you want the best professional pictures so be prepare and ready :) 

Thank you for reading my blog ❤︎

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