Metoo shoes - Loafers

Most of my shoes especially sneakers and flats hurt my feet after a few minutes wearing them and that’s something that bothers me a lot because is so annoying to decide what pair of shoes I can wear if I’m gonna walk for more than an hour. 
Recently I had the lucky to collaborate with Metoo shoes and they sent me a pair of loafers and believe me they are so comfortable and the first brand that have shoes that don’t hurt my feet at all and I’m obsessed.

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The first pair I got where in leopard print and since this brand impressed me with shoes of such good quality I decided to get a new pair in nude color and OMG!! Look how cute they are. First of all they match with everything, the style is perfect for any occasion, they don’t hurt my feet even after walking for so many hours, and finally these shoes are so soft and comfortable that i can stop wearing them. 

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You might think I’m exaggerating but no guys is just excitement because if you see my wardrobe I don’t own more than 3 pair of flats because every time I buy a pair after an hour I can walk and my feet are all hurt and red. So when I’m saying that these shoes are magical and very comfy I’m being really honest.

Nude loafers - Shop (Click here)

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  1. María, me encantan ambos pares, son ideales, ¡y mas si me dices que son tan cómodos!
    Gracias por el descubrimiento, ¡feliz weekend!