It’s my birthday 25th

During this year there have been many changes and many emotions that for some reason had to happen. God knows how he does his things and that's why today in my birthday I want to thank him for everything  he has given to me. I feel blessed for everything I have, for the opportunity to be with my family in Colombia twice, for my mom, for my relationship with my boyfriend, for my pets for the opportunity of traveling which is something I love, for my blog that is going well and the nice people that support me, for my school because I still have the chance to continue with my education, for so many goods things and bad things that taught me a lot, but specially because I’m healthy. Sincerely, I have no words to thank God for one more year alive.

If you are reading this, thank you so much for your support and so much love 💖

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  1. Muchísimas feliicidades preciiosa!!
    Disfruta mucho del día.

    Un besito!
    Essence of electricsbubbles