At-Home Teeth Whitening: Does it Work? + Giveaway

I’m very excited to share this post with y’all because is something I’ve never done before and I’m loving the results.
Seven weeks ago I started whitening my teeth with Smilebrilliant and I m’m loving it because is making me feel more confident with my smile. 

My teeth don’t look terrible at all but they are not totally perfect and a few month ago I wanted to do something about that. However, I had to move to another state and I don’t know anyone or any places where to treat my teeth around here in Georgia and right now with so much going on in my life with the move and my online classes I don’t have to much time to go out and find the best place to treat my teeth.

With smile brilliant I can whiten my teeth at home, I don’t have to worry to make appointment and or anything and I’m happy because its taking me to one step closer to what I wanted to do with my teeth. I can do it during my morning or night routines, while I’m studying, while I'm doing my makeup, while I'm posting on my blog and specially when i just one to rest and play with my cats.  I can literally use it at anytime with no issues and without wasting my time by driving to a dentist and waiting for my turn to be attended so this at-home teeth whitening is amazing. 

My teeth started looking more white on the bottom since the first day which was unbelievable . I didn’t expected to see a difference in the first day but it really happened. Since I saw that, I chose to add smile brilliant to daily routine. 

They did not bother me at all. It is true that I felt different with them in my mouth but it was normal because of course I have something new in my mouth and was my first time trying something like this. I could talk and swallow normally.

My teeth felt a terrible sensitive ones at the beginning. I was using it everyday and for three hours so I started using both gels every two days for an hour and 30 minutes and between those two days I only used the Desensitizing Gel that helps to close the pores on the teeth faster and also helps to prevent re-staining. After that sometimes I felt a little discomfort but nothing terrible. This method helped me a lot and now I do not have any problem o sensitive anymore. 


To end this post I have to say that I’m very happy with the results, I notice a big change in my teeth as you can see on the pictures. This is the first time I whiten my teeth and I have no regrets. I definitely recommend this treatment. It is easy, fast, and works very well. I feel more confident and excited to share my new smile with everyone!

"Before you leave my page there is a surprise only for you"

I have teamed with Smile Brilliant to giveaway $149 Smile Brilliant credit! to whitening your teeth at home. All you have to do is enter your email with your name in the link below and that´s it.


It is going to be open to USA, UK, Australia and Canada residents.

It is going to be open for two weeks so go head and tell your friends, family, boyfriend/girlfriend, everyone to participate and Good Luck!! :)

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  1. Yay! I need to try it out as well! Have a lovely day! xx