Pink dress

The other day I went to Athens, Ga and while I was walking around dowtown I found a lot of nice boutiques with bunch or beautiful cloths. 

This dress was my favorite piece because I’m recently trying to start wearing different things of was I normally wear and the color is so adorable that catches my attention a lot. 

Also the sleeves and the print is something I never wore before. I chose to no wear shoes for this dress because I just wanted to play with the flowers and enjoy the weather in my patio :)

With this cute dress I’m wearing a necklace I’m obsessed with. It is from Rocksbox. 
Rocksbox is a jewelry website where you subscribe and pay $21 per month to receive a little box with three different items of your choice. You make your wishlist ones you subscribe to the website and some pic three things that might like. One you receive your box you can wear everything and keep what you want to buy and then return the box back. Is pretty simple and a nice way to try different jewelry from different brand without spending to much money 

If you want to get my necklace or want to give it a try to Rocksbox go head and subscribe using my CODE MARIABFF244 for one moth FREE :)
Dress - Red Dress Boutique (Shop here)
Necklace - Rocksbox (click here)
Rain boots (similars) - (shop here)

Other options 💕🌸

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