Welly Merck Watches

I am very minimalist when it comes to wearing accessories. However, something that I really like are watches. I love the touch that they can give to an outfit. I normally buy watches in regular colors or more neutral such a silver, gold, and brown. Since I like to try and discover new brands, I have discovered the cutest watch ever. The website is called Welly Merck and they are very unique and the amazing combination of colors caught my attention so i decided to get one for myself.

At first I thought it would be difficult to combine it but believe me I love to match it take it with everything besides that it is not necessary to change to another watch because this is two in one. You only need a few second to change handles and that's it, is super easy.

Being honest, I am very happy with the brand because the quality of the watch has gone incredible. The watch works perfectly and the quality of both handles is impeccable. I really recommend it. You do not always find the best quality products when they are online but this brand has left me speechless.

Because of that, because I loved my watch and I want you to have one, I give you 15% off with the code Mariidix15 for any purchase.

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