Maridix: March 2018

F • r • i • e • n • d • s T-shirt

After I finish all the seasons and fell in love with the show, I consider myself a big fan of Friends show!
If you watched it you know what am I talking about :) I’m so ready to start watching it again, I always enjoy it and laugh all the time!! I know that a lot of you have watched it so many times and that’s why you are reading my post because you want these T-shirt’s too haha.  
I did my search and I found the perfect deals on Amazon. Very cheap and I’m so surprise that the fabric is really good. I was worry that because the price is only $10.89 dollars, I thought they would come very see through but no! They are perfect and I love them.

Zaful Spring Wishlist 2018

Spring is around the corner and I love this season. Its almost time to start wearing colors, floral print, and hats. Who’s else is excited? Mee!!
 I love wearing dresses in all different styles and these two from Zaful are so beautiful and totally different. Which one would you choose 1 or 2? 

Welly Merck Watches

I am very minimalist when it comes to wearing accessories. However, something that I really like are watches. I love the touch that they can give to an outfit. I normally buy watches in regular colors or more neutral such a silver, gold, and brown. Since I like to try and discover new brands, I have discovered the cutest watch ever. The website is called Welly Merck and they are very unique and the amazing combination of colors caught my attention so i decided to get one for myself.

Maxi coat - Gamiss

Levante la mano la que alguna vez ha visto una prenda y ha dicho “la compre o la quiero comprar porque hace mucho la quería” creo que más de una persona se familiarizó conmigo. Más de una ovación he dicho eso y mi madre se burla de mi porque sabe que siempre digo eso cuando me antojo de todo.