Maridix: 2018

90s Sweatshirt

Are you from the 90s? Well if yes welcome back to the 90s with this cozy Britney Spears sweatshirt from  if not I’m sorry but I know you are gonna love this post too :)
“Time Warp Tees”

Cozy ootd

Those cozy days when you just wanna chill and have some hot chocolate while watching your favorite movies. That is my best favorite plan especially this winter season.

Coofit bag

Are you done with your Christmas shopping? I’m not and if you are still looking for a present I have an option you :)

This bag from Coofit is so beautiful and seriously I love it!!! I’m very picky with bags because I hate when I have to hold them on my arms after a while because it bothers me a lot so most of my bags have both straps like this one and make my life easier.

The quality of the fabric is amazing, is big enough, pretty, the color goes with everything, and the price is so affordable which is perfect. 

Talking about my outfit this coat is from last year but is back in stores and online so go head and get is because is the coziest coat ever!

Metoo shoes - Loafers

Most of my shoes especially sneakers and flats hurt my feet after a few minutes wearing them and that’s something that bothers me a lot because is so annoying to decide what pair of shoes I can wear if I’m gonna walk for more than an hour. 
Recently I had the lucky to collaborate with Metoo shoes and they sent me a pair of loafers and believe me they are so comfortable and the first brand that have shoes that don’t hurt my feet at all and I’m obsessed.

Krog Street Market - Atlanta

Last Saturday my boyfriend and I went to discover new places in Atlanta. I’m new in the city and every time he comes to visit me we search for fun places to go.

Winky lux Atlanta

As I said before one the best thing of being an influencer and work on a platform like Instagram is meeting or connecting with people around the world. I’ve been moving to different cities and it’s been hard for me to meet new friends and this way I feel like I can be connected with so many great people.

Christmas gift ideas

Hi everyone!!
who else enjoyed October at pumpkin patches, corn maze, apple picking, and Halloween?  I went  to a pumpkin patch and watched a lot of movies and shows during Halloween !! So sad that October is gone but the good news is that Christmas is around the corner and I'm pretty sure that a lot of you like me are already thinking about presents for your love ones and of course for yourself.

Plaid skirt ootd

Every season I tried to be more open mind and try new styles. I love plaid print and wore it a lot on shirts specially on winter but this season I chose to wear plaid on a skirt something different and risky for me because this is the first one on my wardrobes and here is the look!

Bad luck - Sugarhigh Tshirt

I don’t remember when was the last time I wore a total black look! Since  spring season arrived I’ve wearing color all the time and black  got stuck in my closet lol
The other I discovered a website called Sugarhigh and I felt in love with all their graphic T-shirts that I had to buy some of them and ended buying 4 including this black one “Bad Luck”
I’m so obsessed with this outfit because to start I love my new black T-shirt and then because this skirt was a dress I wasn’t wearing but I did not wanted to ge this of so I did a little DIY and loved the result !!!

Firmoo Glasses

Did you know I wear glasses? I don’t think so, I almost never wear them because I don’t like the style of the ones I have anymore but guess what? I got a new ones from Firmoo and I’m obsessed with the style and color.
I know this brand since a long time ago and what I like about this website is that you can try their glasses in the website by uploading a photo of yourself, is cheap, and they have so many styles that you will find for sure your favorite pair..
Also I love that you can order them with your own prescription and customized it as you want.

✭ Check Firmoo website and enjoy the promo buy one get one FREE! 
✭ Or Use the code “15ORDER100” to get 15% off at Firmoo Amazon store. 


I’ve teamed up with the brand JORDWatches to giveaway one of their beautiful hand crafted wooden watches. 

Winner gets $100 off plus FREE SIZING and FREE SHIPPING! 

All you have to do is click this LINK enter your name, mail address and that’s it. 

everyone who enter can use my code “mariidix” to enjoy a coupon of $25 off any purchase. 

Bershka T-shirts

I dont know since when I began a fan of T-shirts but I cannot stop wearing them. I love to wear confortable clothes but still look cute and with style.
In my last trip to Colombia I stoped by my favorites stores and one of them is Bershka and they had good deals on T-shirts that I could not resist to buy some :)
I feel so lucky because when I moved to United States they did not have the online shopping open here but this summer I discovered that is officially available in United States and I’m so excited to share the links with you all because they still have these T-shirts wohoo!!!
Here two of them and how I styled them! Let me know at the bottom which one is your favorite.

Look #1

My Disney Experience

Hi guys!
Disney is the best magical experience I have ever had in my entire life and I'm so happy to share my photos with y'all. I had the opportunity to go to one park (Magic Kingdom) and in this post I'm going to tell you how was my experience and everything I think you need to know before going to the parks.

At-Home Teeth Whitening: Does it Work? + Giveaway

I’m very excited to share this post with y’all because is something I’ve never done before and I’m loving the results.
Seven weeks ago I started whitening my teeth with Smilebrilliant and I m’m loving it because is making me feel more confident with my smile. 

Pink dress

The other day I went to Athens, Ga and while I was walking around dowtown I found a lot of nice boutiques with bunch or beautiful cloths. 

This dress was my favorite piece because I’m recently trying to start wearing different things of was I normally wear and the color is so adorable that catches my attention a lot. 

Also the sleeves and the print is something I never wore before. I chose to no wear shoes for this dress because I just wanted to play with the flowers and enjoy the weather in my patio :)

Essentials from Banggood

Have you ever heard about Banggood before? Yes,No? Well this is my first time shopping in their website, I did a wishlist a few months ago and then I got three things to give it a try to the website. They have so many things that was hard to pick only three but I believe I chose really good stuff.

Sunflowers look

Who else is enjoying this beautiful spring season as I do!! Every year I try to find the nearest spot fuller with flowers and at the end I never find one and spring is gone.
This year I has lucky to found these beautiful flowers in the back of my new house in Georgia and I could not resist to take some photos 🌻 here is the result!! Wish you all an amazing week 💛

Mother’s Day look and gift

Last sunday for Mother’s Day i took my mom to The Sun dial Restaurant at the Hotel Westin in Atlanta. I’ve been in a couple of restaurant with beautiful views and this time I wanted to take my mom to enjoy the amazing view of Atlanta, GA. She loved it and I’m so happy that I could be with here in this special day. She is my best friend, my confident, my mom, and literally my everything. 

Sweetwater Creek State Park

This weekend my boyfriend and I discovered a wonderful place very close to my house and We have fallen in love with its beauty. We knew it was a park but when we got there we notice the park was more than what we were expecting. It has so many things to do and to discover that you gonna love like us.

Hourglass - Veil Translucent Setting Powder

Guy I want to share with you all a new translucent powder I’ve been triying from Hourglass.

I really like the matte finish of this powder. It melts really good in my skin, doesn’t feel dry and my face feels very smooth. It just perfect for my oil skin and really translucent, very light and doesn’t look white in my face. 

You can find it at Sephora. The link is below the pictures :) 

Tarte lipsticks

Since some of you asked me about my red lipstick, I wanted to share my favorite lipstick brand “Tarte.” I don’t wear to much make-up but I always always wear something on my lips especially natural or basic colors.
That’s why I love Tarte because this brand has the perfect colors I love them all.
I also been using everyday this “Tarte” highlighter that I also use as a blush and works perfectly :) 
I got it from and I really like it because it gives me a natural look.

F • r • i • e • n • d • s T-shirt

After I finish all the seasons and fell in love with the show, I consider myself a big fan of Friends show!
If you watched it you know what am I talking about :) I’m so ready to start watching it again, I always enjoy it and laugh all the time!! I know that a lot of you have watched it so many times and that’s why you are reading my post because you want these T-shirt’s too haha.  
I did my search and I found the perfect deals on Amazon. Very cheap and I’m so surprise that the fabric is really good. I was worry that because the price is only $10.89 dollars, I thought they would come very see through but no! They are perfect and I love them.

Zaful Spring Wishlist 2018

Spring is around the corner and I love this season. Its almost time to start wearing colors, floral print, and hats. Who’s else is excited? Mee!!
 I love wearing dresses in all different styles and these two from Zaful are so beautiful and totally different. Which one would you choose 1 or 2? 

Welly Merck Watches

I am very minimalist when it comes to wearing accessories. However, something that I really like are watches. I love the touch that they can give to an outfit. I normally buy watches in regular colors or more neutral such a silver, gold, and brown. Since I like to try and discover new brands, I have discovered the cutest watch ever. The website is called Welly Merck and they are very unique and the amazing combination of colors caught my attention so i decided to get one for myself.

Maxi coat - Gamiss

Levante la mano la que alguna vez ha visto una prenda y ha dicho “la compre o la quiero comprar porque hace mucho la querĂ­a” creo que más de una persona se familiarizĂł conmigo. Más de una ovaciĂłn he dicho eso y mi madre se burla de mi porque sabe que siempre digo eso cuando me antojo de todo.

Floral jeans - Twinkledeals

Desde hace un tiempo he colaborado con diferentes marcas y nunca me habĂ­a arriesgado a escoger jeans. Personalmente para mi es difĂ­cil atinarle a la talla correcta porque cada marca tiene su horma diferente y las tallas cambian. Pero bueno este post trata de que por primera vez me arriesgue porque no pude resistirme a terner unos jeans con bordados florales y esto me encantaron.

Twinkledeals tiene muchas cositas de las que te puedes enamorar y allĂ­ encontrĂ© estos jeans. El bordado es precioso además de que son de talle alto ( mi parte favorita). 

Valentine's day

San Valentin esta muy cerca y desde hace un año que tengo pareja esta fecha me emosiona mucho. Yo soy super especial con las personitas que quiero y me encanta decorar o regalas detallitos. Para este san valentin he buscado cositas que puedan hacer ese dia mas especial y en la pagina de Gamiss encontre buenas ideas que quise compartir con ustedes.

Maple Holistics Tea Tree Shampoo - Review

Today's post its a little bit different. I want to share with you all my personal opinion about the Tea tree Shampoo I got from Maple Holistics. I've tried for one month and here is my honest opinion about the product.

New Year, New look

Año nuevo, propuestas nuevas. Las rayas me vuelven loca y como muchas sabemos que una prenda no es suficiente yo tenia que tener las rayas una vez mas en mi armario pero esta vez en un sweater or jersey. No tienen idea lo que me encanta porque no es muy grueso, tiene el largo ideal y me gusta su tejido fresco. Ademas, sale muy bien con jeans, shorst y faldas como esta que tienen un increible detalle de trenza en el lado.

Este look me emosiona mucho porque lleva detalles que son muy de mi personalidad como el pin de gatito! comenten CrazyCatLady si tu tambien estas loca por todo lo que sea de gatos y tengas gatos haha.. El pin se ajusta perfecto al cabello, no lo revienta, ni tampoco se cae con facilidad.

Que mas me enamora de este look? La mini catera con el charm de venado. Que preciosura, no tienen idea <3 le da un toque mas delicado y particular.

Striped pant ootd

Este es uno de mis looks favoritos de todo el año 2017 . Jamás habĂ­a usado un pantalĂłn de este estilo y me animĂ© a correr el riesgo. La moda no es comprar lo Ăşltimo que está en tendencia sino sentirte cĂłmoda  creando tu propio estilo. Me gusta inspirar con mis looks básicos que a la vez pueden ser un riezgo para algunos que les cuesta salir de su zona de confort. Yo he decidiĂł probar nuevos colores y estilos y en Zaful he encontrado muchas opciones de prendas que están a mi alcance y me ayudan a ir más allá de lo básico.

El sweater cuando lo pedí no me convencía porque sus mangas son muy largas pero después de probármelo con el pantalón me di cuenta que dándole un poco de estilo al doblar las mangas quedaba precioso, el color pensé que era amarillo pero les confieso que este tono lo ame mucho más. Aunque en las fotos se ve un poco amarilloso es más verde limon y me fascina, totalmente recomendado.

Este es el primer pantalĂłn que compro en la tienda zaful y me sorprendĂ­ mucho porque tenĂ­a miedo de la talla y me quedo perfecto. Yo siempre me voy por talla L en pantalones cuando compro online para que no me queden pequeños y poder ajustarlos pero a este no tuve que hacerle nada en especial porque las tallas de estas tiendas chinas son más pequeñas. Tristemente los mismos pantalones ya no estan en la pagina pero aqui les dejo el link con otras opciones. Striped pants