Clearwater Beach

August is my birthday month and this year my boyfriend invited me to celebrate my birthday at the beach. We don't have pretty beaches in Texas so we chose to go to Clearwater beach, Fl.


We were lucky that close to our hotel were shops, bars, restaurants, and of course the beach. Specially there is one bar very popular called Tiki Bar I believe. We went there for lunch and at night we went again for a few cocktails :) 

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More fun things we did during the day was walk through the Pier 60 a recreation area with stands that have different kind of souvenirs like paints, jewelry and more pretty and interesting stuff like these.

We ended the day enjoying the sunset at the Pier 60 . That is something you must have to do if you there. Its so romantic and beautiful.

Actually everything is pretty close in Clearwater Beach, but if you want to go visit other beaches or places like the mall or Tampa you might need a uber or preferably a car.

We loved the time we spend there, we wanted so bad for long relax on the beach and walk around.

There are some other activities we did not have time to do, but you might be interest and are buffets in bouts or just bouts to see dolphins, the sunset, and other activities in the water.  

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