Maridix: July 2016


Do you know what I like more of sunny glasses?
Well my favorite part is that you can wear them at any time of the year and with everything. We know we can buy glasses anywhere but no always a good pair. If you are like me, you may have several pair of glasses, cheap and expensive but always wear the same ones, crazy ah? but it's true lol. so if that happens to you too, take your time to buy a good ones and care about your ayes with style.

The thing about stripes

Whenever I go shopping I'm looking for something different but I always end up buying something black or white but recently the stripes pattern is my "must have" I wanna buy stripes tops all the time and now different colors but still stripes lol. This top is one of  those basics you can wear with everything and at this time I'm wearing it with my new boyfriend jeans <3 I love details of pain stains which make it looks different and chic.

We already now that striped top is basic but what everybody do not know is how to use that basic to look more stylist, formal or chic... For example my look is basic but the red bandana with the red lipstick makes the outfit looks more attractive also the bag and those gold sandals match so nice with the look plus I love how gold looks with stripes.

There are several ways to wear striped tops, this is one of my ways and also I've shared some other photos with different ideas for you to not die trying :)

Stylewe Summer-Wishlist

who doesn't love summer ah? everybody love summer and I think is the best season for try new trends. We can wear dresses, jumpsuits, skirts, shorts and whatever you want but the best part is we can wear swims Who said beach time??? wohooo !!! I have found some pretty here (click) that i know you will love as me.

So here is my wish list from StyleWe, a nice website where you can find a lot of different things to get ready this summer and also designer clothes (click here) you will love as well.

1- Shop here                      2- Shop here
3- Shop here                      4- Shop here
5- Shop here                      6- Shop here

My favorite session when a was surfing on the website was the bags (click) Dod they have several different styles and cute little bags for any occasion, very colorful, elegant, classic, and funny. Here are some of my favorites I would love to wear for this summer season . which one is your?

2- Shop here              3- Shop here
 4- Shop here              5- Shope here

Enjoy this summer looking gorgeous