Maridix: 2016

Fall ootd

Finally after a lot of days in bed I could go out and pose for some pictures. I love when the weather is getting cold but that process always hit me terrible. Anyways I'm feeling better and excited for Christmas Wujuu!!!!
Last Thursday was thanksgiving and this was my look. A log time ago I bought this top at Macy's but I never wear till yesterday I figured out that matched perfect for fall :)
To make my outfit look different I wore my new boots that have an amazing cut by the side. I love how a simple cut can make the shoe looks kinda sexy!! I really love them and guess what? These are only for $20.30 dollars that's awesome!!! You should rush to get yours right now;)

Nicole Lee USA Collaboration

Last week, when I got home there was a package with the name Nicole Lee. I was very excited, because I wasn't expeting receive anything and what an amazing surprise. It's not the first time they do this with me and I feel very honor to be on their bloggers list. I am always fascinated with everything they sent me. I love the unique style that they have and specially how lovely they are with their customers.
Today I'm showing you the scarf/bandana with the wallet they sent me. 
My favorite part of this look was the scarf/bandana, because I've never try one like this before and I really loved how it look with this casual look. Basic pieces that turn 360 degree to a nice style.

Fringe sandals from Blue

Since I tried these sandals from BLUE brand, I've wanted to wear them all the time. I love the fringe style and off course the burgundy color which a MUST HAVE for fall, and also one of my favorite colors, and if you are interested they cost only $15 dollars. Other think I like about this look is the white long shirt. I always wanted one and finally I found it at H&M in the clearance section with a really good price. At first i wasn't sure about the linen fabric because it wrinkle very fast but then it wasn't a big deal. 
If you haven't noticed I've died my hair a week ago and I'm super happy, I was screaming the first day because i didn't know that it was going to look too dark, but I loved it at the same time and I keep loving it :) a lot people says that now I look more Latina and they like it as me. Let me know what you think and if you want me to show what did I used.

Monday school's outfit

Happy Monday everyone, most of us hates this day, but what else can we do?
just smile, think positive, and enjoy.
This is my first time going to college since i moved to United States. For my classes I like to dress well and comfortable, off course not too fancy neither like in pajamas haha!! Mondays always are my busy day and this is how I just enjoy my day while i'm I getting dress trying to wear something nice and funny.
Last month I'm not only started my classes I also turned 23 and for my birthday i got my first Daniel Wellington watch which i'm in love and wear almost everyday to go work or school because is casual and matches perfect with my school's outfits.

Off the shoulder Ivory Boutique

Hace un tiempo descubrí una boutique llamada Ivory por instagram y lo mejor es que luego descubrí que quedaba cerca de mi casa y no pude evitar pasar por allí. El primer día que fui, tuve que salir con una bolsa en mi mano, déjenme decirles que cada rincón de esta tienda te deja encantada, tienen cositas muy lindas, la ropa siempre va con la temporada y se acaban de volada (rapido) por ese día no me resistí y compre uno de mis estilos favoritos "off the shoulder top".
He visto en su instagram que ya tienen prendas nuevas y estoy muriendo por ir aunque las clases y el trabajo me tienen agotada haré lo posible por volver y enseñarles más.

A little while I found on Instagram a boutique named IVORY and I loved everything. The best part is that I discovered that its close to my house, so "come on!!" I had to stop by, and i could not resist to buy something. let me tell you something, you will love each corner in the store. They have beautiful cloths that comes with the season and sales very fast, so you can leave the store with out any purchase. I spent a lot time in there because It wasn't easy decide for something because I liked everything lol, but I finally decided for two tops and one of those is of my favorite top's style "off the shoulder," also in my Favorite color. 
I have seen that they are lady got new stuff for this season I cannot wait to see what new. For now let me show you some pics of how I wore this beautiful top. 

Fall 2016 Fashion Trends - WSA_Magic Las Vegas, Nv

I'm so excited about this post :D
a few days ago Blue brand gave me the honor to being at WSA_Magic Show for two days in Las Vegas Woohoo Woohoo, and guys you don't have any idea how happy i was. I had so much fun, I met amazing people, and wow everything over there was incredible.

The convention center was separate by categories; the first day we went to the shoes section and the second day we went to the clothe section. We saw a lot of new trends for next season and today i'm gonna show you some of them and my favorites.

Sneakers for Today

Ya sabemos que el estilo "sporty chic" lleva un tiempo por las calles y es uno de mis favoritos. Si miras mi armario encontraras mas sneaker que cualquier otra cosa. Hemos visto que podemos llevarlos con todo y donde sea.

Hay muchas propuestas desde lo mas chic a lo mas sport posible, todo se basa en el riesgo y el gusto de cada quien. A mi me gusta llevalo de diferentes formas y en esta ocacion es bastante sport y comodo desde la cabeza hasta los pies.

We already know this sporty trend is been out a long time ago and is one of my favorite styles. If you take a look of my wardrobe you will fine more sneakers than everything. He have seen that we can wear them with everything and everywhere.

There are several ideas from the most chic to the most casual possible, everything is based on risk and taste of each. I like to wear this style on different ways and today i'm wearing the most sport and confortable look staring from head to toe.


Do you know what I like more of sunny glasses?
Well my favorite part is that you can wear them at any time of the year and with everything. We know we can buy glasses anywhere but no always a good pair. If you are like me, you may have several pair of glasses, cheap and expensive but always wear the same ones, crazy ah? but it's true lol. so if that happens to you too, take your time to buy a good ones and care about your ayes with style.

The thing about stripes

Whenever I go shopping I'm looking for something different but I always end up buying something black or white but recently the stripes pattern is my "must have" I wanna buy stripes tops all the time and now different colors but still stripes lol. This top is one of  those basics you can wear with everything and at this time I'm wearing it with my new boyfriend jeans <3 I love details of pain stains which make it looks different and chic.

We already now that striped top is basic but what everybody do not know is how to use that basic to look more stylist, formal or chic... For example my look is basic but the red bandana with the red lipstick makes the outfit looks more attractive also the bag and those gold sandals match so nice with the look plus I love how gold looks with stripes.

There are several ways to wear striped tops, this is one of my ways and also I've shared some other photos with different ideas for you to not die trying :)

Stylewe Summer-Wishlist

who doesn't love summer ah? everybody love summer and I think is the best season for try new trends. We can wear dresses, jumpsuits, skirts, shorts and whatever you want but the best part is we can wear swims Who said beach time??? wohooo !!! I have found some pretty here (click) that i know you will love as me.

So here is my wish list from StyleWe, a nice website where you can find a lot of different things to get ready this summer and also designer clothes (click here) you will love as well.

1- Shop here                      2- Shop here
3- Shop here                      4- Shop here
5- Shop here                      6- Shop here

My favorite session when a was surfing on the website was the bags (click) Dod they have several different styles and cute little bags for any occasion, very colorful, elegant, classic, and funny. Here are some of my favorites I would love to wear for this summer season . which one is your?

2- Shop here              3- Shop here
 4- Shop here              5- Shope here

Enjoy this summer looking gorgeous

Lace-Up Ballerina flats

Que tanto podemos decir sobre estos zapatos bellísimos que hablan por sí solos ah?? Hace un tiempo me compre unas en color rosa pastel y me fascinaron tanto que dije por dios las quiero en negro para llevarlas con todo.
Yo soy mala o bueno mis pies sufren muchísimos con los flats, aún no entiendo porque pero me matan horrible, sin embargo he descubierto que este tipo de flats o bailarinas con cordones no me maltratan para nada y confieso que después de ver a tantas blogger con ellas yo también quería las mías y ahora que las tengo les digo que soy una fan y las amo, son un estilo de zapatos muy femenino y delicado que puedes llevar para diferentes ocasiones y combinar con muchísimas cosas y siempre te verás muy bien,además de que las puedes conseguir en montón de colores y llevártelos todos eh!! 
así que para todas las que estén enamoradas de estas bailarinas y aún no tienen las suyas las invito a que la consigan en este link ... Donde yo he obtenido las mías. Son súper cómodas, los cordones amarran muy bien cosa que es importante porque harta mucho estar amarrando el zapato todo el día y estas se quedan siempre intactas 
Coméntenme abajo que les pareció el look completo y si tú también eres fan de las bailarinas.

Classic look inspired by Kristina Bazan / Get the look!!!!

No hay mucho para decir sobre este classic + chic outfit. Cuando veo estas fotos siento que no soy to haha.. Nunca me había vestido así más sin embargo me gusta. De ves en cuando no está de más intentar cosas nuevas como he hecho con este look inspirándome en Kristina Bazan una de mis bloggers favoritas :)
Para este look he llevado esta preciosa cartera de Nicole Lee Usa, es súper linda, elegante y va genial con mi look.

there is no too many things to say about this classic and chic outfit. When i see these photos i feel like thats not me lol. I have never wore like this before but i like it. Sometimes is good try new things and that's what I did with this look inspired by Kristina Bazan one of my favorite bloggers :)
With this look i have chose this gorgeous handbag from Nicole Lee USA it's so pretty and match perfect with this formal look. 

Irresistible Me - Hair extensions review

Practicamente siempre he llevado el cabello largo o medio cuando me cortan de mas debo decir!! Aunque tengo la ventaja de que me crece super rapido, siempre caigo en panico a la hora de ir a una peluqueria jaja. Sin embargo nunca he llegado a tenerlo del largo que siempre he querido y por eso hace un tiempo se me metio la idea de probar extensiones pero yo no tenia idea de donde comprarlas, ni cuales eran buenas, mejor dicho no tenia idea alguna sobre ese tema.

Pagina web
Casualmente me contactaron de Irresistible Me y me dijeron que si queria probar sus extensiones y fue como si me hubieran leido la mente, inmediatamente me puse a checar su pagina web y me tomo un tiempo decidirme de todas las opciones que tienen y lo unico que sabia era que las queria mas largas que mi cabello. Lo bueno es que en esta pagina pude aprender un poco mas sobre las extensiones y la diferencia entre cada una de ellas, además, te comparten vídeos donde te enseñan que color saldría con tu cabello y como ponértelas.

I almost always have long hair or medium when someone cut it more than i want i must say !! The good thing is that my hair grown super fast. I always fall in panic when I go to a Beauty Salon haha. I never had gotten the longest I've always wanted and  some time ago I was thinking to try extensions but I had no idea where to buy them, or which one, well say i've had never any idea on that topic .

Coincidentally Irresistible Me a extensions website contacted me and asks if I wanted to try their extensions and omg was like if they could read my mind. So I took a look to the  website and It take time choose one style of all the options that they have and all I knew it was that I wanted the extensions longer than my natural hair. The good news is that on this website I could learn a lot about extensions and the difference between each one, also they share videos where you can learn how to choose the right color and how to wear and use the extensions.

Mother's Day!

Les comparto unas fotitos del día de la madre junto a la mujer más hermosa de este planeta <3 mi mamá!!

I wanna share with you all some pictures with the most beautiful mother in the hole world on Mother's Day !!

Wedding dresses COCOMELODY

Hace unos dias estuve en la boda de una de mis grandes amigas y fue incrieble hacer parte de ese momento tan especial.
Ese dia soñado por todas donde queremos vernos preciosas junto a nuestro principe y recordarlo ese dia como el mejor de tu vida. Sin embargo para que ese dia sea perfecto, hay mucho trabajo detras de todo lo hermoso y aun recuerdo la busqueda del vestido de dama de honor porque si, tuve la dicha de ser una de ellas y eso hizo el dia mas especial.

Si para mi fue una locura ahora imaginate la novia wow!!!!
Por eso despues de tanta charla quiero compartirles esta pagina llamada COCOMELODY donde puedes encontrar vestidos de novia preciosos para ser la novia mas hermosa de la cabeza a los pies con la increible coleccion que tienen de dise;adores lo cual es buenisimo. Quien no busca eso ah?

Normalmente en otras tiendas los vestidos de dise;adores son carisimos y eso por eso que les hanlo de esta marca porque aqui pueden encontrar el vestido de tus sue;os en un buen precio.
Hay muchosimos diseños y variedades de estilo, de mangas, sin mangas, largos, cortos, al cuello y otros cortes como uno de mis favoritos que son los de corte en sirena

Two weeks ago one on my friends got married and was amazing be part of that special day, that day we all dream looking beautiful with your prince by your side and remember it as the best day of your life. However to make that day perfect, there are a lot of hard work behind. I till remember how hard was try to find the bridesmaid dress for me because yes!! i had the fortune to be one of them and that made the day more special <3

If was crazy for me can you imagine how was for the bridal? wow!!!!!
That's why i wanna share with you all this website named COCOMELODY where you can find pretty bridal dresses to be the most beautiful bridal from head to toe with an amazing collection of designer wedding dresses which is awesome, who doesn't want one right?!

Normally in other stores they are very expensive and this is the reason of why i'm talking about this website, there you will find the dress of you dream with a great price.
They have many style as short sleeve, half sleeve, high neck, v-neck, open back and more like mermaid wedding dresses one of my favorites.

click here 

Nicole Lee crossbody

No saben, no saben lo que me enamora esta carterita de Nicole Lee, el dia que me llego no me lo esperaba y me alegro el dia y la semana porque sin mentirles todos los dias la llevo conmigo al trabajo y con cualquier look, aunque se ve peque;a le caben montones de cosas, tiene dos bolsillos de cremallera y en medio de los dos tiene otro bolsillo super practico donde siempre guardo mi celular pq me cierra con iman y es facilicimos de meter y sacar cositas ademas que quedan bien aseguradas. Los detalles de las flores son mi parte favorita porque se parecen mucho a mis flores favoritas y ademas le dan un toque primaveral que va con la temporada.

Guys you do not have any idea how in love i'm with this little cross bag from Nicole Lee. I wasn't expecting receive the package and it was a big surprise and it makes my day and my week so happy, I wore it everyday at work and with many different looks. although it looks small you can put many things inside. it have two pockets with zipper and one between them with a magnet where i like to put my phone because is very practical and secure. My favorite thing of this cross bag is the flowers details because they looks alike my favorite flowers and goes with the season <3

Sunglasses from Firmooo ~GIVEAWAY~

Mi obsecion por los lentes de sol no acaba y ahora he descubierto una nueva marca llamada FIRMOO y tengo que decirles que me ha encantado. Son a un buen precio y lo mas importante es que la calidad es buena, pero que mas hace que me guste tanto que ademas vienen en un estuche super lindo y de pasta dura para que los lentes no se maltraten y puedas llevarlas con confianza a todas partes. Dentro del paquete tambien me llego un destornillador por si necesito ajustarlas y eso me ha parecido increible porque no conozco otra tienda que te obsequie algo asi y eso le suma puntos.
Estaba un poco asustada de que el tamaño no fuera a ser el que queria pero llegaron perfectos como los imaginaba, esta marca de verdad que se las super recomiendo. Si entras a su pagina web notaras que tambien puedes ordenar gafas con formula y mas estilos que te van a encantar.

My obsession with sunglasses has no end,  and now I've discovered a new brand called FIRMOO and I have to tell you, I completely in love with them. They're affordable and their quality is really good, but what I've liked the most is the pretty hard case, so you can take your sunnies everywhere safely. Inside the package, there  was a screwdriver in case I needed to tighten them which I thought it was incredible because I don't know any other brand that gives something like this. I was a little bit scared of the size not being what I wanted,  but they came out perfectly just like I pictured them, I definitely recommend this brand.  If you go to their website you'll notice that you can order prescription glasses and a other styles you're going to love.

Spring OOTD

La primavera está aquí y y ha llegado a mi armario con vestidos, es lo único que se me antoja llevar y comprar últimamente :) . Este es de Shein y me fascina, es un estilo de vestido que no había probado antes y me ha parecido muy cómodo porque no tienes que sufrir con el viento ya que su forma es recta y sin volumen. Para darle más toque primaveral además de sus estampados he llevado este peinado hecho por mí del cual me siento orgullosa haha últimamente he estado experimento trenzas en mi cabello y esta vez le puse el toque de las flores que me ha fascinado. Qué opinan, que prenda les gusta más llevar en la primavera ??

Spring is here and all i wanna wear are dresses :) . This one if from Shein and is fascinates me so much cause is a style of dress I had not tried before also its very comfortable and you do not have to worry about wind because is straight and without volume. To give more spring touch to this look in addition to the prints I have made thisbraid by myself which make me feel proud of me haha lately I've been experiment braids in my hair and this time I've added a crown flowers and I loved it. What do you think about my look? What do you like to wear for spring??

Maxi dresses

El clima caliente me vuelve loca, yo me llevo mejor con el frio pero ni modo no hay mas que hacer que lidiar con el haha. Hoy les quiero hablar de los vestidos largos ya que hace dias fui a un cumpleaños y buscando que ponerme encontre este vestido en el armario de mi mamá que por cierto me lo voy a robar :)
Desde que fui a la fiesta he estado buscando vestidos de este tipo en internet y he descubierto o mas decidido que me encantaria solo llevar este tipo de vestidos todo el tiempo, desearia poder comprarme montones ademas que son una tendencia para primavera/verano y son perfectos para estos dias claientes y cualquier ocasion con lindos estampados como , flores, rayas o plizados, mangas anchas y especialmente esos super colororidos que son mi obsesion porque anteriormente jamas hubiera pensando en comprarme ese vestido que llevo puesto en lasa fotos por los colores pero es cierto que primero debes probarte la prenda antes de decir que no, asi que nunca digas nunca y ve y comprate muchos maxi vestidos!!

Hot weather got me crazy because i'm a winter person lol but anyways there is nothing that i can do so i just have to deal with it haha. Today i wanna talk about Maxi Dresses because a few days ago a went to a birthday party and looking for what to wear i had found this gorgeous dress on my mom's wardrobe "so sorry mom but i'm gonna steal your dress :)". Since the party i've been searching maxi dresses on Internet and now I figured out that its the only thing i wanna wear now lol, i wish i could buy many dresses also is a trend in spring/summer and  perfect for hot days and any occasion with cute prints as flowers, stripes, abstract figures or pleats, flutter sleeves and specially those colorful which i'm obsessed with because in the past I would never have bought a dress like that one i'm wearing in the photo because of the colors but is true that you have to try it before say no! so never say never and go buy several maxy dresses!!

Safari look - Zoo Day with baby Levi

El fin de semana tuvimos visita en casa de un bebé adorable llama do Levi y decidimos llevarlo al zoológico y qué bueno no la pasamos, ya había ido a otro pero donde los animales estaban encerrados y tener la oportunidad de verlos tan cerca es mucho más lindo aunque tan cerca me ponen de pánico jaja. 
Nos fuimos cuando salí del trabajo así que tuve que cambiarme muy rápido y elegí este vestido de rayas con una camisa abierta, botas cómodas y una mochila ideal para ocasión 

Last weekend we had a visit from an adorable baby named Levi and we decided to take him to the zoo and had so much fun, I had been in another zoo but there the animal are locked and here you could see them closer and that's more exciting although very close makes me freak out haha. 

We leave after work so I had to get ready faster and I chose this simple safari look, stripes dress, shirt, comfy boots and a backpack perfect for the ride to the zoo.  

Cat lady

No es un secreto que soy una amante de los gatos desde hace dos años que tengo tres y todo lo referente a ellos me vuelve loca. Hace unos dias estuve por una tienda llamada Five Below donde claramente todo vale entre $5 y $1 dolar e increiblemente alli encontre esta maravilla de camiseta que aun no puedo creer que la halla conseguido por $5 dolares y la amo.

Algo que siempre he tenido presente en cuanto a nos referimos a la moda es que no todo lo que sea caro significa que es "Fashion" todo se basa en tu estilo personal y como sepa llevarlo. Lo fashion lo creas tu. Por eso nunca me cierro a la hora de comprar aunque esta claro que ciertas cosas se merecen unos pesos de mas cuando buscamos calidad pero cuando queremos simplemente divertirnos y ser nosotros mismo a la hora de vestir, el precio no es lo que importa.

It's not a secret that i'm a cat lover <3 since I got three 3 years ago and everything related with them got me crazy. A few days ago I went to Five Below a store which the price of everything is between $1 to $5 dollars and i really like that place because i always find something that get my attention and this time was this cutest tee and i still cant believe i just paid $5 dollars for it :D

There is something that I always keep in mind when we talk about Fashion. Most the people also us relate Expensive = Fashion and that's not the point because you create fashion when you have your own style and know hot to wear it. So that's why I'm always open-minded when i'm going shopping. Obviously many thing deserve more when we look for quality but when we just want have fun and be ourselves the price does't matter to much.

Ice cream makes you HAPPY !!

Traveling to Colombia

Para ellos que aun no me conocen muy bien. Naci en Colombia y me mude a USA en el 2013.
La semana pasada tome el avion para viajar a mi pais despues de dos años sin venir.No tienen idea lo emosionada que estaba por darle la gran sorpresa a mi familia y amigos :)
My visita esta casi por acabarse y aun no me creo que este aqui. Estoy muy feliz compartiendo cn mi familia y en especial con mi papa <3 a quien amo con todo mi corazon, mi heroe, mi todo !!
En este post les ense;o alguno de mis esenciales para este viaje y lo lleve puesto ese dia.

For those who don't know a lot about me. I was born in Colombia and I moved to USA in 2013. 
Last week I took the airplane to fly again to my country after two and a half years. You do not have any idea how excited I was to give the big surprise to all my family and friends :)
My visit its almost done and I still cannot believe that i'm here. I'm so happy sharing time with my family specially my daddy <3 who i love with all my heart, my hero, my everything!!
So today I want to show to you all my essential for this trip and what i wore to travel.

Classic brown trench coat

Quien mas es una amantes de los moños? a mi me fascinan de todas las formas pero en especial los que llevo en mi pelo y este es lo mas precioso del mundo <3 y me encanta llevarlo asi crean o digan que parezco una niña :)

Siguiendo con el outfit, me encanta la vida que le da este pantalon a un outfit, un naranja intenso que a la vez no se vuelve excesivo y que me gusta mas? como combina con mi trench, los dos colores juntos encanjan perfecto y aunque es un look simple y muy casual, esta trench le da un toque mas formal y chic.

Dresslink Top & two hairstyles

Estoy enamorada de este look!! los leggings combinaron perfectamente con el top de Dresslink. Tengo que decir que fue dificil encontrar algo para ponerme con el top porque lo unico que se venia a mi mente era negro y no queria negro en esta ocasion y este dia decidi dejar de pensar, abrir el armario y escoger la primera cosa que pensara que combinaria perfecto y he aqui mi creacion haha!! me ha encantado, esos pantalones floreados han logrado un perfecto mix con los detalles en encage del top. Que piensan ustedes? alguna vez no les ha pasado que cuando no piensas mucho lo que te quieres poner es cuando la mayoria de las veces mejor te ves? haha es muy chistoso pero cierto.

Otra cosa que me encanta de este look es mi reloj <3 un regalo que me ha hecho mi madre y ha sido de los mejores. Me gusta muchisimo su color porque no es el tipico dorado amarilloso sino como ma cafecito o matte por decirlo asiy ademas de lindo, lo mejor es que son relojes que no secesitan de bateria.

I'm so completely in love with this look!!! Those lovely flower leggings match perfect with that beautiful Dresslink top . I have to say that it was hard for me find something for this top because the only thing i had in my mind was black. I always wear black when i do not now what else wear but the other day I decided to stop thinking to much and said to myself just open the wardrobe and take the first thing you think will match and there it is !!!! i loved so much because the patterns and the details on the top look very good together.  Have you ever had the same problem as me that when you don't think to much what to wear is when you most the time look better? Funny isn't it? lol

Another think that make this post more special is because I'm wearing one my favorite gift i'd received from my mom <3 that gorgeous watch from Citizen and its amazing and i love the color because it not that kind of golden that look very yellow is more matte and the best part it doesn't need a battery.

Dresslink & Nicole lee

Hola a todos ya estoy de vuelta!! He estado fuera de la ciudad por dos semanas y luego habia estado trabajando mucho pero ahora estoy lista para enseñarles lo que he recibido estas dis ultimas semanas.

Primero me llego el sweater que ya les habia enseñado de la tienda y me ha encantado desde que abri el paquete, los detallitos de los pompones me fascinan por que no he visto otro sweater asi. La tela esta perfecta, es comoda y no muy gruesa pero ni tan delgada, ademas que es suave y lo mas improtante que me ha quedado muy bien. Lo unico que les recomiendo es que si van a ordenarlo escojan una o dos tallas mas de la que son normalmente. Yo normalmente soy talla M y este lo he ordenado en XL y se ve como una M asi que no olviden ese detalle importanticimo.

La semana pasada recibi una cartera de Nicole lee que me gane en uno de los sorteos que estuvieron haciendo en Instagram y esta fue la que ellos escogieron para mi y me has fascinado. Cuando abri el paquete el dia que llego estaba super emosionada por enseñarselas e imediatamente pense que combinaria perfecto con el sweater ya que es un tono basico y este bolso es bastante colorido ademas de hermoso con todos esos detalles y el dibujo me encanta siento que tiene todo en uno y hace que cualquier outfit se vea increible. El material es bueno y fuerte, se puede notar la buena calidad de la marca en cada detallito. Ellos ademas de muchos estilos de bolsos para diferentes ocaciones, venden tambien perfumeria, accesorios y articulos para hombre.

Hello everyone i'm back!! I have been out my City the last two weeks and then I'd been working a lot but now I'm ready to show you guys what I've gotten the past two weeks.

Firstly this white  sweater which i'm in love with since I saw it on for those cute little details that it have because I haven't see another sweater like this. I like the fabric, its comfortable and the most important fit very well on me. Something important that i would like to recommend you is choose one or two sizes up than you are. I'm normally M and this sweater is XL and looks like M for me so don't forget about it if you wanna buy it.

Last week I got this handbag from Nicole lee. They were doing some giveaways on instagram and I was one of the winner so they chose this one for me and i love it. When I opened the box I was really excited to wear it with my new sweater. I was really sure that together will look amazing because that bag is so stylist, beautiful and colorful it like everything in one thing and give a wonderful touch to any outfit. The material its really great, you can see the good quality brand in any details. They also have more product as perfumes, accessories and other styles of bags for different occasions.