Confieso que casi nunca me ha gustado postear looks con jeans a menos que sean de colores, los azules basicos nunca me habian gustado para fotos no se (digamos que no me favorecian) pero en esta ocasion con mucho orgullo les ense;o una propuesta con un vaquero basico del que me he enamorado, ya que no tenia uno que me agradara y encontre este en rebajas de Tommy hace unas semanas hasta que convenci de usarlo y tuve que sacar la camara, me fascina como ormam, el color y los detalles de peque;os rotos ademas de lo comodos que son por su tela stretch. Que opinan de mis nuevo jeans :D? feliz fin de semana que disfruten, besos!

I confess that I rarely post looks wearing jeans unless they are colorful. I almost never liked take me photos with basic blue jeans its weird but I do not know I do not feel that I look good with them them but on this occasion with a lot pride I wanna show how I wore this amazing basic blue jeans which i fell in love for the first time. I found it on clearance in the store Tommy Hilfiger a few week ago but i haven't wore it because the weather was to hot but this was the perfect day for my new jeans yayy!! and of course I have to show it because i really love how looks, the color and little ripped details also these jeans are very comfy for the stretch fabric and that is awesome. what do you think guys? Happy weekend, enjoy it!

Tshirt - H&M
Jeans- Tommy Hilfiger
Sneakers - Converse
Necklace - Twice lucky resale
Sunglasses - Zerouv