Helen, Ga

Have you ever been in a place like the town of a princess that surrounds her castle? Well, this little town called Helen looks absolutely just like that to me.

Graphic T-shirts

I'm a lover of t-shirts and graphic tees are more fun, that's why I want to share with you all my 4 favorite one with powerful messages that inspire and make our outfit more fun.

These two first t-shirts are from Thread and Tank

Formulate - Customized Shampoo

Hi everyone!

Have you ever tried a customized shampoo? What do I mean with a customized shampoo? Well it’s a shampoo made it by yourself based on your needs and preferences. 

Maybeline - Made For All

“Read my Lipstick💋”
If you take a look to my makeup most of the thing I have are lipsticks and in the same two colors Reds and Nudes! I’m sorry but I always ended up buying the same tones lol
This red lipstick from Maybelline is now my favorite one and no because it was a gift from influenster is because the color is bright, beautiful, looks matte but never feels dry, and last all day👌🏻💄 Seriously this lipstick is so sexy and perfect 😍

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